Here at Chilli King, we don’t have a Wall of Shame. We have the whall of FAME and the whall of FLAME! Now you may be asking why the H? Well… It is the saliva build up in your mouth from all the Chilli so you end up saying WHALL – Also, the burn is as long as the longest hall and when you have reached the end you will be Victorius with your name on the wall! Punny, we know 😉

You may Call the Chilli in Blue Flames, Gin Lava – Game of Thrones may have Jon Snow Protecting their Wall. We have our own Whall Protector and his Counter, Gin Lava!

The wall of Flame is to show off your beyond Normal Legendary Chilliness!

The wall of Fame is to show to say “Hey, I took part in this insane Challenge & I live to tell the tale! Oh and you can try again with a friend XD!