🙌Well hello to you, mighty 🌶️Chilli🌶️ Pioneer. Welcome to Chilli King the place of #Royalhotness🔥👑.

Chilli King Presents
The Moerbeibos Documentary
Release Date Sept 2021


Ernst “The Iron Chilli” Du Toit.

Milky Beard & all The Iron Chilli Will Stand Tall! Congratulations on your Hot Victory!

Geandre Is also the Winner of the
Hot Wing Competition with a time
of 4Min & 47 Seconds

🔥After a 5 Question Showdown 🔥
They got put to the Test!
The White Fatali From MoerbeiBos!
It had them in tears!
Congratulations Geandre on your super Hamper!


Ian Lottering

This man has faced off against 2 of these fierce giants.

Ta-Da! Here is the link for Those Who Missed the ROYALHOTNESS Live with Bianca Pretorius.
This all happened at The Farmstead Pub & Grill!

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